Cardio Wave Analyzer or Meridian Digital Pulse Analyzer

We offer two machines the use the same core technology.

The Meridian DPA and the Cardio Wave Analyzer are both running the same algorithm and are based on the same initial scientific research studies and development process. The devices are using the same core information and though the reports are formatted differently, much the same information is being presented. The Meridian DPA has more detailed metrics in its report showing how the results were calculated. The Meridian DPA is also a larger device and has an on-board screen and an on-board printer. This means that the Meridian DPA can be used without a laptop which can be useful in some settings. The Cardio Wave Analyzer is much smaller and lighter, but must be used with a laptop as it has no user interface built in.

As of 2020, the Meridian Digital Pulse Analyzer is no longer in production and is no longer supported. Due to this we strongly recommend working with the Cardio Wave Analyzer which does have support and a level of popularity that ensures it will be supported for decades to come.

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The devices are very similar in that they use a highly sophisticated algorithm to analyze the arterial pulse wave and give readings for both arterial stiffness and stress levels.