The Cardio Wave Analyzer

(Rent or Lease Avail. In Texas)

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The Three Minute Test that Tells Your Patients



Only Very Healthy Patients Pass This Test.
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Benefits of the Cardio Wave Analyzer

  • Early detection of arterial wall elasticity and determination of biological arterial age in less than 3 minutes.
  • Tests Heart Rate Variability (HRV) for full analysis of stress related Autonomic Nervous System issues.
  • Monitors effectiveness of therapeutic intervention and response to lifestyles changes / reduction of cardiovascular risk factors
  • Non-invasive – uses a LED/Photodiode finger probe sensor.
  • Device is FDA approved.
  • Cardio WA is lightweight and portable.
  • User friendly, anyone can learn to use it.
  • Color report printouts.
  • Revenue generator.

Rental – CardioWA

$200.00 per month
(Texas Only)

The Cardio Wave Analyzer Device with Windows Compatible Software and Accessories.

Rental is 3 Month Minimum. (Currently Only Offered in Texas. Contact us to inquire about your state).

Rental period starts on the day you sign up. You must return the device undamaged, unmarked and in working order to end the rental.

This equipment must be attached to a computer or laptop to operate. (Mac Version is Available).

Lease to Own

3 Years Lease

$225.00 per month
(Texas Only)

Selecting this option commits you to a 36 month (3-year) lease to own.

At the end of the 36 months you own the equipment. (Currently Only Offered in Texas. Contact us to inquire about your state).

Your device will have full warranty and support for the duration of the lease.


CardioWA Patient Report 1

Own The Cardio Wave Analyzer 


Selecting this option means you will pay in full for The Cardio Wave Analyzer and you will outright own the equipment without any further ongoing costs.

Your device will have a full 5-year warranty and tech support.

We offer excellent training and support for the full 5 year warranty period. The equipment arrives to you pre-tested and ready to use. There are no on-going costs and no consumables.

Includes laptop with softare pre-loaded and training booklet as well as access to training videos.


Shipping: We ship all Cardio Wave Analyzer devices in the Continental US by 2-day FedEx, fully insured. We guarantee shipping within 3 days of your payment, but shipping is normally same day or next day.

Testing: Your device will be tested before shipment to ensure that everything is working correctly. Our quality control staff will ensure you receive a fully operational device.

Your Shipment will Contain:

  • The Cardio Wave Analyzer device with 5 year extended warranty.
  • Finger probe and all connecting cords.
  • Copy of software to install on as many of your practice computers as needed.
  • Training booklet.
  • Access to Training Videos.
  • The Cardio Wave Analyzer arrives ready to use. There are no hidden costs and no on-going fees.

Important: Laptop is only included when purchasing the device. For Leases and Rentals you must use your own PC computer.

Defective or Damaged Machines: If the device arrives to you damaged or not in working order, you must contact us within 48 hours of delivery and report the issue. We will remote access the machine and debug it. If the machine cannot be debugged, we will send you a shipping label to return the device and we will ship a new device.

Training: Once the machine arrives with you, we offer a number of training videos, plus we can also include a live instruction period via Skype which is conducted on line with us connected to your machine, we can do tests together, talk about the results and answer questions. We are always happy to answer your questions. You will also have access to our training video section on our website. An easy-to-understand instructional booklet is also sent with the device.

Terms and Conditions: All rentals, leases and sales are subject to the terms and conditions found at our  Terms and Conditions Page. Purchasing, Renting or Leasing this device confirms your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Warranty: The CardioWA machines carry a full five year warranty. The warranties for machines imported by us are supported by trained technicians in our Texas repair facility.

Extended Warranty: Please enquire about extended warranty options.

Hear it from Others…

“I have been using the Cardio Wave Analyzer for several years and have been impressed with its ability to detect arterial stiffness and aging.
It is an excellent and cost effective test for evaluating cardiovascular health. I’ve had this machine for years and when I had an issue, the crew at Cardio Wave Analyzer were on it and fixed the device quickly and efficiently, and at no charge by the way. Kudos to the device and the company. I highly recommend them.” – Chad Edwards, DO

“As a Naturopath and Nutritional Consultant, I wanted an inexpensive professional tool that would help me to help and educate my patients about their cardiovascular health, as well as make them aware of their stress levels. The CardioWA is such a great machine! In a few minutes I get so much data with a great report. This helps me graphically show my patients where their current cardiovascular and stress levels are at. Also, THANK YOU for making the experience of buying the Cardio Wave Analyzer a most pleasant one.”   –CJ, ND, CNC Oklahoma

“This system is one of the best medical tools I have ever used and provides one of the most comprehensive cardiovascular screenings available. My work as a health practitioner over the past 20 years or so, with a particular focus on cardio issues, has been wonderfully enhanced through the use of this particular system. It has been invaluable in assisting those I work with to lead healthier lives and I am certain it has saved some too.” – D.N. Health Coach

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