The Cardio Wave Analyzer

Detect Heart Disease and Stress Balance with a 3-Minute Test!


Detect Heart Disease & Arteriosclerosis

An early warning test for cardio problems that might otherwise go undetected.

Analysis of Stress Levels and Tolerance

Autonomic Nervous System Analysis shows Physical and Mental Stress.


FDA Cleared Equipment Safe and Reliable

The CardiaWA has been cleared by the FDA and used safely for years by doctors.

Excellent Insurance Reimbursement for MDs

Doctors who bill insurance have reported excellent reimbursement. 

Detailed Report on Arterial Stiffness

For early diagnosis of arteriosclerosis and peripheral circulatory disturbance.

45 Minute Training Fast Start

 With a comprehensive manual and training videos, you will be up and running fast.

fast easy testing

Early Detection of Cardiovascular Issues

Offer your patients an early warning test for cardio problems that might otherwise go undetected! Get more information on this Cardio Wave Analyzer.


3 Minute Cardio Wave Analyzer Overview Video

The CardioWA generates 2 full reports. One for measuring arterial stiffness and one for analysis of patient stress levels.

The Cardio Wave Analyzer provides a very accurate assessment of arterial hardening.  The final report can also indicate instances where the patient has early congestive heart failure or heart weakening. This test allows you to detect arterial hardening or heart weakening, long before the patient becomes symptomatic. This is crucial in diabetic patients and for patients with high blood pressure or elevated lipids.


Help Prevent


  • Heart Disease is the leading cause of death.

  • 1 in 7 people die of cardiovascular disease.

  • Many times the 1st and only symptom is a heart attack or stroke.

  • Cardiovascular disease accounts for over $500 billion dollars of annual healthcare spending.

With the Cardio WA you can:

  • Catch plaque build up in early stages

  • Analyze stress levels through ANS analysis

  • Encourage needed lifestyle changes

  • Track Progress of rehabilitation


“I have been using the Cardio Wave Analyzer for several years and have been impressed with its ability to detect arterial stiffness and aging.
It is an excellent and cost effective test for evaluating cardiovascular health. I’ve had this machine for years and when I had an issue, the crew at Cardio Wave Analyzer were on it and fixed the device quickly and efficiently, and at no charge by the way. Kudos to the device and the company. I highly recommend them.”
– Chad Edwards, DO

 “As a Naturopath and Nutritional Consultant, I wanted an inexpensive professional tool that would help me to help and educate my patients about their cardiovascular health, as well as make them aware of their stress levels. The CardioWA is such a great machine! In a few minutes I get so much data with a great report. This helps me graphically show my patients where their current cardiovascular and stress levels are at. Also, THANK YOU for making the experience of buying the Cardio Wave Analyzer a most pleasant one.”   –CJ, ND, CNC Oklahoma

“This system is one of the best medical tools I have ever used and provides one of the most comprehensive cardiovascular screenings available. My work as a health practitioner over the past 20 years or so, with a particular focus on cardio issues, has been wonderfully enhanced through the use of this particular system. It has been invaluable in assisting those I work with to lead healthier lives and I am certain it has saved some too.” – D.N. Health Coach

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