Cardio Wave Analyzer


TT, Fitness Center Manager

I have been using the Cardio Wave Analyzer at our Fitness Center. It allows our clients to see where they are at cardiovascular-wise and we are able to direct them on workouts, whether hard and fast or taking it slowly.

As well, we offer supplements such as L-Agrinine and others, diet plans and personal trainer services based on their test results. By charging a nominal fee for the test and offering supplements and services based on test results, the use of the Cardo WA has been a game changer for us.

LK, Health Coach

Working with businesses and corporation personnel, my use of the Cardio Wave Analyzer has increased my value, authority and altitude with those I work with. It has put me in an entirely new league as a professional. Even more importantly, I am able to see who is at risk, show them the test results and really inspire them to make dietary and fitness changes. And I am able to follow up and retest to see if they are following recommended protocols and show them the improvements as further inspiration to keep working at it. 

DB, Nutritionist and Health Author

I have been so impressed with the Cardio Wave Analyzer and its accuracy. I have used to similar devices before the CardioWA and I have found this to be so easy to use. Gaining agreement and cooperation with others has also been greatly enhanced. Sometimes the results surprise me in that we may discover a real issue with someone I thought was in better shape. But with honest work in improving health, repeated testing will show improvements. I truly believe that I am saving lives with this testing!

CJ, ND, CNC Oklahoma

“As a Naturopath and Nutritional Consultant I wanted an inexpensive professional tool that would help me to help and educate my patients about their cardiovascular health, as well as make them aware of their stress levels. The CardioWA is such a great machine! In a few minutes I get so much data with a great report. This helps me graphically show my patients where their current cardio vascular and stress levels are at. Thank you!

RD, Fitness Instructor

“There are so many ways I have used the Cardio Wave Analyzer in working with clients. First to see where they are at when we start, so that I don’t push them too hard and to inspire them to make important lifestyle changes. Then to monitor their health progress as we train. Seeing real progress on the graphs also greatly encourages people to keep at it and not fall off the fitness wagon so to speak. Overall I have found this incredibly valuable!

J.P, MD New York

“What a great experience! As a busy doctor I usually don’t have the time to do much other then handle patients. I was so impressed with the service, patience and information received, including the honesty and integrity regarding the equipment they sell and overall knowledge, made the whole transaction very easy. After receiving the equipment my staff had some additional questions, they answered their questions and helped them to complete the installation in a very non-stressful manner. Thank You for all of your help, patience, knowledge and professionalism.”

Some of the Many Uses of the Cardio Wave Analyzer



With a simple 3 minute test you will be able to show your patients previously invisible data about their heart health AND how their physical and mental stress is affecting them

Studies have shown that visual aids improve a persons understanding of the material being presented to them.  The report includes graphs and assessment information that the patient can view as well as more detailed information that you will be able to interpret for them and provide practical solutions to achieve improvement before their next check up!

Many of our clients have had great success in beinning patients on program to promote optimum health AND most importantly improve their scores by their next follow up.

Using this 3 step model, regardless of the type of practice you have, you can have something ready for all of your patients to put the on the path to better health!


Step 1: Lifestyle changes

Yes this term is very vague and overused in today’s society BUT, this is where we can all get a little creative!

Of course we are going to discuss diet and exercise, but lets focus on progress not perfection.

Screen your patients as to what their current habits are.  Talk to them about alcohol, nicotine and caffine intake.  Referring back to the report, the physical stress data, even minor changes in these areas may result in a significant change by their next check up.

With regards to Arterial health, changes in diet alone can help to reduce plaque buildup and improve arterial health


Step 2: Supplements

Speak to one of our representatives today to find out what we recommend in this area or do your own research.  This is a huge area for not only improving patient outcomes but also driving more profits into your practice!  There are many supplements with studies shown to improve heart health and reduce stress and fatigue.

A special note on rest, fatigue and your interpretation of the Nervous System Balance section of the report:

In addition to your recommendations on lifestyle changes and supplements another recommendation you may be making to some of your patients is REST.  In patients where the ANS is improperly balanced or they have a very high sympathetic response a good balance of exercise and rest may be important.  For those patients supplements that promote qulity sleep may be indicated.

In patients who adopt your program yet continue to show signs of fatigue, further diagnostics may be indicated to get down to the root cause of their fatigue.  There are autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances and thyroid conditions that by repeated testing results may be early to point out.  When these are caught early, patient outcomes are greatly improved.


Step 3: Your Speciality Contributions

Each provider has their own individual background and areas where they shine!  This is why these patients are YOUR patients.

Whether you are a chiropractor, MD or natural healer YOU have your own experience and expertise to add. Arterial health and Nervous System Balance can be approached from a number of different directions and you training and experience in your own discipline will allow you to chart a course to health for you patients now that you know what they need.

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