Meridian DPA- Lease to Own 3 Years

$225.00 / month for 36 months



Shipping: We ship your device in the Continental US by 2-day FedEx fully insured.

Your Shipment will Contain:

  • The Meridian DPA device with 12 month warranty.
  • Finger probe and all connecting cords.
  • Copy of software.
  • Laptop with software pre-installed

Binding Lease: By selecting this option, you are agreeing to pay the monthly fees for the full 24 months. In the case that you cease paying your monthly fees you agree to return the Meridian DPA, Laptop and accessories promptly. In the event that Long Life Cardio LLC must collect this equipment from you, you agree to pay all associated costs and fees associated with such collection.

Training:  Video training our website, instructional booklet and live training available.

Terms and Conditions: All rentals, leases and sales are subject to the terms and conditions found at our  Terms and Conditions Page. Purchasing, Renting or Leasing this device confirms your acceptance this binding lease and all of our terms and conditions.