The CardioWA cardio wave analyzer will tell you in around 3 minutes if your patient is suffering from arterial wall stiffness and gives you an accurate estimate of the biological age of the arteries. This information allows you to get your patient onto an appropriate program to address the problem before it develops into something more serious.

FDA Approved

This device is an FDA approved Class II Medical Device.

Non -Invasive

Our device uses a small clip that you place over the patients finger which picks up the changes in pressure, blood flow and velocity through the full arterial pulse wave cycle.

Important Tool for Prognosis

Measuring the arterial pulse wave and using this to estimate the characteristics of the blood vessel walls and pulsatile function of arteries means that the practitioner has important prognostic and therapeutic information far beyond what can be obtained through traditional blood pressure measurements.

You are able to provide your high-cardio-risk patients with a clear picture of their risk factors well in advance of serious or even life threatening events.


  • Early detection of stiffness in the arterial wall
  • Biological age of the patients arteries
  • Information regarding best treatment choices
  • Ability to monitor the arterial wall response to lifestyle/health changes
  • Prognosis and thus reduction of of cardiovascular risk factors